Group Riding Tips

We're working on safety and group riding information to help increase our enjoyment. After all, our motto is "To Ride and Have Fun!" We'll be adding more information here in days to come, so check back often.

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Group Riding Formations

Group Riding Information

  • Group riding requires an extreme level of awareness and concentration.
  • Know your limits and ride within them. Never ride above your abilities. Consider:
    • Mental condition
    • Physical condition
    • Motorcycle condition and capability
    • Environment
    • Experience level
  • Come to the ride prepared.
    • Arrive with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder
    • Bring appropriate riding gear for the expected range of conditions
  • Maintain a constant speed. This is important to prevent the "rubber band effect."
  • Novices or riders that are new to group riding should ride at or near the back unless the riders with to ride elsewhere.
  • Always ride in a tight but courteous staggered formation or single-file line, as the conditions call for it.
  • Your eyes should be watching a few bikes up the road from you, not fixed on the bike in front of you. Always be looking at least four seconds ahead.
  • Riding side by side is very dangerous and against the law in some states. The only time bikes are to be side by side is when the group is stopped at an intersection.
  • Never come up on the motorcycle in front of or beside you.
  • In a staggered or single-file formation, do not pass the bike in front of you.
  • If an exit is missed, stick together as a group, proceed to the next exit, then return to the correct exit.
  • When in a tight curve, the rider on the outside of the curve is required to give room to the rider on the inside of the curve, in case the curve is too tight to negotiate at that speed without crowding.